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Novartis has established a fully dedicated internal team to collaborate with top global experts  to examine four key questions regarding adverse events associated with Beovu:

  1. What are the root causes of these events? 
  2. Are there patients at higher risk and can we characterize them? 
  3. What can be done to lower the incidence of these events? 
  4. How should these events be treated? 

The coalition is comprised of an international, multidisciplinary panel of Novartis experts who have been seconded to the coalition full-time for the foreseeable future, and external advisors who have joined from leading universities, hospitals, medical centers and clinics around the world.

The coalition consists of three parts: program work steams, a think tank and a crowdsourcing initiative.  

  • The program work streams consist of fully dedicated internal experts from across Novartis, organized around four key questions related to root causes, patient characterization, treatment and risk mitigation.  
  • The think tank operates as an additional source of information for the work stream teams, providing access to external expert resources in the evaluation of data and validation of hypotheses.  
  • A crowdsourcing initiative is designed to incorporate broad perspectives from external scientific and entrepreneurial communities into coalition activities, with an emphasis on injecting fresh thought and ideas.